Sunday, 25 April 2010


Further to my last posting "Lucy the Tudor" has kindly given me more information about the use if carders. Its a nuisance that I can't directly cut and paste directly into the blog so, if the following links don't work, its because I haven't typed them out correctly, let me know.

Here are some links which evidence the existance and use of hand carders. This is in addition to wool combs/ hackles and possibly other methods. I am keen to know what and how they are doing in the last painting!

Anyway here goes;

In addition Lucy tell me that there are lots of images of long spikey wool combs and defends slow and careful carding rather than her own hasty and impatient (much less effective carding).

I've posted a link to your website as a thank you to Lucy - have a look - she makes and sells some lovely things for reenctors.

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