Thursday, 25 March 2010

Ancient China

This is incredible- delving back further into history there has been an amazing archeological find in China which indicates that there were caucasian peoples on their western boundaries around 3,000 years ago. Mummified bodies with wonderfully preserved textiles have been found. Some of the textiles have been made of felt.
If you would like to find out more about these finds have a look at these links

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Ryland Sheep

in "wooly wonderings" post published on 9th September 2008 I mentioned a reference to Ryland sheep wool in relation to Monmouth Caps. Since then I have periodically searched ebay to try and get hold of some of this fleece but to no avail. then guess what happened this evening? I was put in touch with a lady who offered me fleece from Shetland, North Ronaldsay and ... Ryland sheep.. how exciting - I can hardly wait!

to read more about Ryland Sheep have a look at

heads and hats

found a new web site today
it has all sorts of useful information - did you know for instance that
  • head shapes and sizes vary from country to country. In general the smallest, roundest heads are found in the far east. Western heads tend to be more oval in shape and the largest heads are, apparantly, found in Germany.
  • hat sizes are measured by the circumference of the head just above the ears.
  • You are not likely to find an adult head bigger that 64cm or smaller than 51cm circumference.

Monday, 15 March 2010


I came across the following web sites when searching for ways to enhance the way I speak to people when I am in the 16th Century

This site has an amzing list of proverbs - I couldn't believe how many are still in circulation

A man called Ron Bailey has put the entire Tynedale Bible 1525 on line - what a labour of love that must have been. It gives a great insight into use of language at the time

for ideas about day to day greetings and conversation